Egypt celebrates anti-Mubarak uprising anniversary

Once more the thousands of Egypt’s people together in Cairo’s Tahrir Square today , on the same date of 25 Jan of last year remark as first anniversary of the Egyptian revolution, have stood against has Egyptian ruler Hosni Mubarak who has ruled from long time period as three decades.

The youth groups along with activists starts their campaign called “The Generals are Liars” by presenting audio visual sources on which they shows in the streets of Egypt all the military’s policies and its act to be cheated.

The over all scene of Egypt is so tensed and pressurized. The fear of violence between Miliary force and protesters is the big threat for disturbance of the Egypt people.

However the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) wants to enjoy the triumph in the revolution in form of parades and aerial exhibitions.

As like Libya, Yemen and Syria, Egypt also wants to be free from the long time rulers and for this on last year revolution against Mubarak had spur in Tunisia in January 2011.But after revolution, the democratic system in Egypt made more progressive that forced to hope that changed protesters now never realized them the same fact.

After Mubarak ruler was ousted from authoritarian rule, first time the new elected parliament met Monday, but the country’s military retains much of the decision-making power and the decisions they took for the country’s progress is the slow fact of changes, claimed by activists.

However the military rulers who have power are calling as “thugs” that would support the crimes to be applicable. Today Egyptian has gathered to protest against Egypt’s military ruler to lift the nation’s hated emergency laws by criticizing its policies.

Although Mubarak is on trial for the killings of protesters and structuring free election, the Islamic parties prevailed in competition, but the military’s policies to took power is not satisfied the rights groups that demands for releasing protesters that had been arrested as “thugs” by military rulers over the act of tried before military at the time when the military council took power.

Meanwhile today protesters and youth groups are come in Cairo as first anniversary of revolution to start campaign with their demands to provide more security by punishing those who are responsible for hundreds of protesters killed by Mubarak’s security forces.

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