FIFA gives green signal to ‘Goal Line Technology’

Today is a historic day for international football as finally, the International Football Association Board, IFAB gave green signal to Goal-line technology’s introduction into football matches.

Announcing its approval over two systems-Hawk-Eye and GoalRef- in football like as cricket and tennis – it said these systems would be put in use as soon as possible at the seven-team December’s Club World Cup in Japan and also in Brazil during the 2013 Confederations Cup and 2014 World Cup.

Goal technology refers to use of applied science to help the referee decide whether the ball has entered the goal or not.

There are several Ghost goals that forced soccer’s governing body FIFA to adopt goal-line technology one is of Frank Lampard’s “ghost” goal for England v Germany in the 2010 World Cup and other is earlier last month when Ukraine’s Marko Devic was denied a goal against England at Euro 2012.

Fifa president Sepp Blatter welcomed the debut of Goal technology, but also disappointed from Frank Lampard’s “ghost” goal that played a decisive role in this recent move.

“In the autumn of 2010, we started tests and now we are ready. I am a happy man that we did it. The objective is for 2014 but now we have a system which is available for others” Blatter expressed his greet, as per reports.

Green signal has also given by the English Premier League in Zurich that without wasting time said, “We welcome today’s decision by IFAB and will engage in discussions with both Hawkeye and GoalRef in the near future with a view to introducing goal-line technology as soon as is practically possible.”

It has been said that immediate adoption of the technology will make also in forth coming season, also in season’s FA Cup semi-finals and final.

Moreover, goal- line has already installed at Wembley Stadium, while its debut by IFAB will be held after following all the legal procedures such as licensing, installing and testing in each venue, ensuring well functioning.

However the governing body also confirmed that after this move any further forms of technology would not be considered.