More than 70 people killed in Egypt football violence

A big tragedy has happened while clashes came out between rival football fans in the city of Port Said.

As per source report, during a match on Wednesday between top-tier clubs al-Masry and al-Ahly in which Port Said club al-Masry won 3-1, an al-Ahly fan raised a banner insulting supporters of the al-Masry team that create all the protested incident. As a counter attack, al-Masry fans came out on the pitch attacking al-Ahly players and fans.

Just few hours, the atmosphere converted into tense situation as part of the stadium was set on fire. Around 74 people died and hundreds more were injured in this clash incident.

A small police force was presented there for security was neither sufficient nor may be effective and that’s why the clashes overwhelmed that converted Football day into black day. Although the al-Ahly fans, known as Ultras that have a particular reputation for violence and the Police forces may have had an interest in taking on al-Ahly supporters. Violation can be bringing in more dangerous form by Football fans in Egypt.

In the threat of being violent, all Egyptian premier-league matches have been cancelled by Fifa and its President Sepp Blatter stated in a statement, “This is a black day for football. Such a catastrophic situation is unimaginable and should not happen.”

In Egypt, people are not confident on the security forces activities and are being protested to militants’ forces .a lot of anger has hoarded in them over a much lower profile of Egypt police and from Thursday early morning peoples are come into the street by protest marches against the police’s inability to contain the violence.

However calling the Emergency meetings of the cabinet and parliament, the Egypt’s ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces has announced three days of national mourning in form of expressing deeply sadness over the countless deaths from suffocation that lead to the darkness of stampedes, violence, stone-throwing and chasing opposing fans.

Militants along with Ministry forces have been investigating over all matter and trying to find the accused those feel guilty over the biggest the disaster in the country’s football history.

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