India to bounce back to 7-8% growth: PM

Taking optimistic note, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, now become combative, expressed his believe that slowdown trends would be ended with a “bounce back” growth of 7-8%.

The UPA government is seeking policy initiatives to give a kick start to the country economy in the next two to three years, PM said in an address to the Rajya Sabha on Motion of Thanks to President’s Address.

Dismissing Opposition allegations to misguide the nation as failure and responsible for economy slowdown situation, Mr. Singh suggested Opposition to be more objective in assessing the work of the government.

“I agree to Leader of Opposition Arun jaitley saying that country needs a growth of 7-8 percent to get rid of poverty. I would like to remind this house that this is precisely the intention of the UPA government” Mr. Singh added.

An acerbic Manmohan Singh said “men of envy” disparage everything, whether it be good or bad, sources said.

PM Manmohan Singh march8 India to bounce back to 7 8% growth: PM

Targeting 7-8 percent growth, PM said, problems of fast growing economy linked to slow pace of Industrialization. To handle these problems, UPA is being continued to initiate on social sector schemes for the development of agriculture.

PM also raised his opinion over anti-terror hub, National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) formation and said his government is carrying to cooperate with other state governments to make a strong control over terrorism issue.


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