Inter-caste marriage baby can’t be denied quota benefits: Supreme Court

In India Inter-caste marriage got acceptance of public after a much struggling period.

There are many disputes over the marriage of one person of Upper caste with another that is from Scheduled caste.

While such dispute has resolved another one is proceed regarding the child of inter caste marriage couple.

As per source report, the apex committee of Supreme Court declared that under the inter caste marriage if Man is of Upper caste and Woman of SC/ST , then a child born of this couple cannot be permitted the right to reservations .

The right of reservation in quota of educations and government jobs of man that born to inter caste marriage will depend on the caste of the father and also the presumption is that child of inter caste marriage is free to go with mother’s caste who belonged to SC/ST with lead evidence.

In its statement the SC said, “The determination of caste of a person born of an inter-caste marriage or a marriage between a tribal and a non-tribal cannot be determined in complete disregard of attending facts of the case.”

This decision of SC would also solve all the disputes over caste of inter caste marriage’s child as caste disabilities accompanying his/her mother’s status.

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