Live: I’ve nothing to hide: Khurshid, IAC Guttersnipes continue protest

IAC members Arvind Khejriwal along with his supporters once again stormed over Law Minister Salman Khurshid, protesting out side Indira Gandhi International airport as the minister arrived here today.

Khurshid who was honoured by the Oxford University in London today reached the country after past two days and without missing any movement Activist campaigned against Khurshid, shoutinh with slogans to arrest him along his wife ‘Salman Khurshid chor hai’.

“Yes we are guttersnipes, we are third rate people, we are bad people. But who has made us third rate people? It is their government who has done this. This third rate people have become fearless,” Khejriwal said while talking about his protest.

“Many of the officials that are being quoted or used to support the case that no camps were held, their picture are rare… And to all, I’ll show that picture,” Khejriwal added.

Law Minister Salman Khurshid dismissed all allegations hit out by IAC activist Arvind Khejriwal, leader of newly forming political party, counter attacking that activist cum politician was just “doing politics using the shoulders of the disabled”.

Over Kejriwal’s demand to quit Khurshid from Cabinet or arrested for alleged financial irregularities in NGO, Dr Zakir Hussain Memorial Trust running by the minister and his wife, Louise, Khurshid said that he has nothing to hide.

“Frankly nothing… nothing to hide. We have all the facts and I know personally, and these are camps… I have personally gone,” the minister told media.

Meanwhile, to make a detailed clarification statement over allegations, Congress Minister Khurshid will hold a press conference today.

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