Obama, Romney in final campaign, promising real change to Americans

Just 2 days ahead of US Presidential elections held on Nov 6, 2012, the two biggest competitors President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney, both have started to set their a final frenzy of campaigning by attack each other.

They are seeking to make wrong their policies being offered to Americans as Public want something different.

Obama who was in the Springfield, Ohio during his three events, said, as per source, “We know what change looks like, and what the governor is offering ain’t it.”

After hitting ‘Romnesia’ remark, today tagged Romney as a ‘salesman’, describing that he is the person trying to repackage failed ideas that didn’t work for country.

Reacting over Obama’s remark, Romney spoke in a rally in Ohio that still the changes in growth of US going in a slow speed as current economic policies of Barack Obama responsible for decline rate.

Terming wrong economic policies by Obama, he said,“The President promised change but he didn’t deliver it. I’m promising change, and I have a record of achieving it.”

Meanwhile, the elections are very close and as per recent polling records in states, media reported that both Obama and Romney are in virtual ties, very close, but Obama has ahead of Romney by three points as performance of past 10 days.

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