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Foreign Airlines can have 49% share in Indian carriers

Aviation Sector 150x150 Foreign Airlines can have 49% share in Indian carriersAccording to latest business news, the aviation industry has announced that from now onwards, foreign airlines can have 49% share in the Indian domestic carriers. The step by the aviation industry was taken as to boost the fund of the aviation sector.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has sanctioned the application which would pave way for equity infusion into the country’s airlines that are going through as most of the carriers are running short of funds. Read more

Air India Pilots Strike causes Rs 150 crore loss

Air Indian national airline has to pay a lot for 8 days the agitation by over 200 pilots of the Indian Pilots Guild as result of cancellation of flight operations, sacked pilots, ticket cancellations and unused labour have cost AI more than Rs.150 crore , an official source said Monday.

On the eighth day following the cancellation of 24 more flights on Tuesday, no sign offend of the woes of the passengers have to be seen. Read more

Air India pilots strike enters 5th day, asks PM to look into the matter

As the agitation by protesting AI pilots entered the fifth day today, senior pilots send a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, asking to be involved in sought to end the worsen crisis.

In their letter to the chairman and managing director of AI and PM, the agitator pilots said their demands for training on Dreamliner were genuine. They requested PM to look into matter. Read more

Pilots Strike: 12 Air India, 7 Kingfisher flights cancelled

Impact of worse Aviation crisis downing the flights schedule as AI pilots strike entered the fourth day on Friday and due to less number of pilots 12 international flights were cancelled.

AI official told reporters, due to absence of pilots via mass sick leave since agitation begins “All our long haul flights to U.S., Europe, Riyadh and Jeddah from Delhi and Mumbai have been cancelled.” Read more

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