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NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover gets historic drill sample

Mark a historical planetary exploration, NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover has become the first spacecraft after it’s on board drill deep enough into a Martian rock to collect stone powder samples for analysis. Read more

Curiosity’s first test drive hits blockade: Faulty wind sensors

Curiosity test drive 150x150 Curiosity’s first test drive hits blockade: Faulty wind sensors The $2.5 billion small car sized Nasa’s Curiosity took its test first drive on Martian surface of Mars on Wednesday, reported that during drive it is facing some problems due to damaging of its wind sensors with wires hitting roadblock on Mars.

A much disappointing, but minor problem will degrade some measurements, difficult to prevent them, as per Missions engineers, adding that the damage is resulted because of roadblock thrown up during Curiosity rover driving. Read more

Curiosity Rover’s first drive: set to test rock- vapourising laser

Rover first drive on Mars 150x150 Curiosity Rover’s first drive: set to test rock vapourising laserAs per latest reports, car sized NASA’s biggest Curiosity is all set to drive its six wheels robotic Rover on Red Planet Gale crater’s Martian soil.

The robotic vehicle has Chemistry and Camera instrument called ChemCam powerful rock zipping laser which will target Martian’s rock to vaporize it just to the side of the vehicle on the floor of Gale Crater. Read more

Red Planet Curiosity set to hit early Monday

Curiosity Rover Landing 150x150 Red Planet Curiosity set to hit early MondayA Small car size, NASA’s 900-kg Curiosity spacecraft will set to hit Mars through the Martian atmosphere at 13,000mph on Monday, a great success in first manned Mars mission.

Human landing on Mars will be an International probe of rocks, soil samples and the local geological settings to detect Martian atmosphere for mankind in Red Planet whether it supports habitual environment or not. Read more


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