Curiosity’s first test drive hits blockade: Faulty wind sensors

Curiosity test drive 150x150 Curiosity’s first test drive hits blockade: Faulty wind sensors The $2.5 billion small car sized Nasa’s Curiosity took its test first drive on Martian surface of Mars on Wednesday, reported that during drive it is facing some problems due to damaging of its wind sensors with wires hitting roadblock on Mars.

A much disappointing, but minor problem will degrade some measurements, difficult to prevent them, as per Missions engineers, adding that the damage is resulted because of roadblock thrown up during Curiosity rover driving.

This fault came after Curiosity on the equatorial Gale Crater two weeks ago on August 5 since its first November launch for finding the samples of supporting life on surface of Red Planet. After touching the land, rover went forward about 15 feet covered a short distance and left its footprints on land, sending amazing images to NASA.

However, Curiosity’s Robotic a six wheeler vehicle has fixed target towards a 3-mile-high mountain towering from the crater floor, Mount Sharp where expected that some signs of water have occurred.

“We built a rover. So unless the rover roves, we really haven’t accomplished anything … It’s a big moment,” project manager Peter Theisinger at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory said, as per reports.

Robotic rover equipped with a camera, spectrometer, a scoop device and many more turret tools that help to driving and taking rock samples, while this is seem to be drive on Red Planet surface for at least two Earth years.

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