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NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover gets historic drill sample

Mark a historical planetary exploration, NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover has become the first spacecraft after it’s on board drill deep enough into a Martian rock to collect stone powder samples for analysis. Read more

India’s Mars Mission to launch this year

India is ready to take a drive on Mars with its Mars Orbiter Mission, sending a spacecraft to explore Red Planet. Read more

“Mars Curiosity Rover” may be Anonymous’s next target

Nasa Curiosity Rover 150x150 “Mars Curiosity Rover” may be Anonymous’s next targetThe World biggest development of the $2.5-billion NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover is likely at target of Anonymous hackers who already reported to stop down a series of U S government websites, the New York security firm claims, as per reports said.

Major reason behind hacking US sites by Anonymous group is of alarming agitation against arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Read more

Red Planet Curiosity set to hit early Monday

Curiosity Rover Landing 150x150 Red Planet Curiosity set to hit early MondayA Small car size, NASA’s 900-kg Curiosity spacecraft will set to hit Mars through the Martian atmosphere at 13,000mph on Monday, a great success in first manned Mars mission.

Human landing on Mars will be an International probe of rocks, soil samples and the local geological settings to detect Martian atmosphere for mankind in Red Planet whether it supports habitual environment or not. Read more


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