Tag: Diesel Price

Diesel Bomb: Price hikes again by 45p/litre

Yet forthcoming burden of diesel price hike lead to the biggest tension for the public. Now once again Indian oil corporations increased diesel retail prices by 45 paise a litre. Read more

Petrol Price likely to be cut, Diesel to hike

Yet another addition on burden of common man, the diesel price is likely to be hike by 50 paisa a litre, while the price of petrol may be down by around Re 1 per litre. Read more

Diesel Price up for bulk consumers, LPG cut

Amid cap on LPG cylinder, now the government has reduce the burden of common man, cutting price of LPG cylinder by Rs 37.50, while price of diesel for bulk consumers has been hiked by Rs 1 per litre. Read more

Economic Survey 2013: GDP growth by 6.1-6.7%, But What is about Aam Admi?

The Economic Survey 2012-13 tabled in Parliament has hoped a good time for economy with a growth if GDP by 6.1-6.7% in the next fiscal from its 5.3 per cent for the current year. Read more

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