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Algeria’s Sahara siege ends in bloodbath; UK in search of Britons

Bloody Algerian hostage crisis ended with the most disappointing climax as bloodbath of death of 23 hostages and 32 militants in a final assault with Islamist militants at a gas plant in the Sahara desert . Read more

Algeria crisis: further casualties in fear, British PM drops EU speech

Algeria crisis Cameron Delays EU Speech 150x150 Algeria crisis: further casualties in fear, British PM drops EU speechBritish hostages’ crisis at an Algerian gas plant has suspended Prime Minister David Cameron’s speech in the European Union scheduled for Friday. Read more

Britain to send Military Aircraft to Aid French in Mali

Backing with French air power, Mali has become stronger to wash out the Islamist rebels in the centre of the country.

Britain announced to assist military aircraft support, increasing Mali troops power with foreign troops assistance to set operations Islamist forces. Read more

ArcelorMittal-France deal: Reach pact over disputed Florange plant, President under pressure

A fresh crisis erupted on Saturday after French government signed an agreement with the steel giant ArcelorMittal to avoid the elimination of about 600 jobs and also allow investing 180 million euros over one of its three largest French factories, the Florange plant.

After a day of agreement, French trade unions accused President Francois Hollande of being threatened to possible nationalization of ArcelorMittal’s Florange steelworks. Read more

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