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Morsi’s Islamist Draft Charter win ‘Yes’ majority in votes

All Egyptians’ eyes are on result of second phase of a referendum on Islamist-backed constitution which reported to reached with a “yes” majority despite the opposition’s claim of voting fraud.

In a final round of voting on a referendum of a divisive constitution, a low voter turnout – 8 million of the 25 million- has resulted but with deep divisions after weeks of protests and violence.

Reports are that Saturday’s voting in 17 of Egypt’s 27 provinces was the second and final round in which 71.4 % voters among 95.5% of the ballots said “yes”, as per Islamist President Mohammed Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood . Read more

Thousands Egypt’s Islamists rally behind Morsi in Cairo

Thousands of Egyptians marched in Cairo with Egyptian flags and green Islamist emblems on Saturday in support of President Mohamed Morsi’s constitution, the one who granted himself sweeping powers through a decree.

Calling Morsi’s opponents “enemies of God and Islam” , Muslim Brotherhood and its ultra-orthodox Salafi allies came forward with larger rallies to wash out amid opposition protests.

“The people support the president’s decision!” they chanted outside Cairo University, urged people to come out in support of Islamist law. Read more

Producer of crucial Anti-Muslim Film arrest

Anti Muslim Film Maker 150x150 Producer of crucial Anti Muslim Film arrest Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the maker of the crucial anti-Islamic video that set Muslim World in blood shield as well as the Middle East, has arrested once again for violating terms of his probation, terming a flight risk.

US federal court on Thursday ruled its verdict following further Nakoula’s imprisonment as violating eight probation terms including 2010 cheque fraud conviction and lying to his probation officers and using aliases. Read more

Protest near US Consulate in Chennai by Anti-Islam Film protesters

Anti Islam Film Protest 150x150 Protest near US Consulate in Chennai by Anti Islam Film protestersAccording to latest news, the Chennai police has lathicharged to break-up the huge crowd of protesters belongsing to more than 20 Muslim organizations who had gathered in front of an US Consulate to protest against an American movie which allegedly denigrated Islam.

It is further said that the mob set some vehicles on fire.

Police officials told media that more than 2000 protesters clashed with police on the arterial Anna Salai road. Read more

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