“Day of Love” hit by violent clash in Pakistan over anti-Islamic video

ANti Islamic Protest 150x150 Day of Love hit by violent clash in Pakistan over anti Islamic videoSeeming that anti-Islamic film protest never to stop as after amid efforts by the Pakistan government to calm and call peaceful protest across the Muslim world, protesters clashed with Police forces in the city of Peshawar on Friday.

Today, Pakistan which has declared Friday as “Youm-e-Ishq-e-Rasool”, a “Day of Love for the Prophet Mohammad” to make an effort to calm the situation failed to do so.

After such action more than hundreds of protesters came into the streets, storming vehicles, burning with smokes and pelting stones over riot police who tried to control them with teargas.

Amid anger over anti- Islamic film, depicting insults to the Prophet Mohammad stormed a blood shed across the Muslim countries, and publication of cartoons mocking the Prophet Mohammad in a French magazine added more fuel on it.

Seeking to make control over future action, strict arrangements are to be hit outside the western diplomatic missions in Pakistan, along with other violent hit nations such as Kabul, Jakarta, capital of Indonesia.

“An attack upon the Holy Prophet is an attack on the whole 1.5 billion Muslims. Therefore, this is something unacceptable,” Pakistani Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf said.

Meanwhile, situation is tensed all over the world as tension raised for American diplomats for them US government just has nothing to do as gulf nations refused their request to send marines to protect them.

Tight securities are to be arranged across the Pakistan after a big crowd of 1,000 stone-throwing student protesters stormed outside the diplomatic enclave in Islamabad, made it violent.

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