Facebook and Twitter make girls ‘appear more aggressive’

As per recent reports, the social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are changing the way girls speak and making them appear more aggressive because of their straight forward way to write.

‘Young people’s language in general is becoming more direct in comparison to their parents and the business community because of the communication channels they’re more familiar with,” Marie Clair, of the Plain English Campaign said while interacting with reporters.

Further adding, she said, “Those fast communication channels of Facebook, email and Twitter, they’ve grown up with mean they haven’t got as much time to deliberate and choose their words that make them more aggressive.”

Young women are using short, sharp and to the point words, without putting care over it, that result in teenage girls seeming curt, straightforward and aggressive when they talk with others and adults as communicating more frequently , reports said.

Twitter and Facebook are main responsible for affecting youngsters’ way to communicate with another, being make them rude and disrespectful.

Describing curtness is “not intentional”, Marie further added that the phenomenon was more evident among girls as they ‘communicate more than males’.

Recent time, social networking sites are being major part of human life as way to share each and every moment, though some are used as their profession or most for just chatting. But study showed that more than males, females are messaging online.

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