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Kate Middleton named as perfect Bond Girl

Latest entertainment news states that Kate Middleton has been voted as the perfect Bond girl in a public poll.

Meanwhile, the public poll was conducted as a move to find the ideal female character for the 007 movies.

Kate Middleton also known as Duchess of Cambridge Catherine is Prince William’s wife. Kate Middleton saw off competition from pop stars Rihanna and Beyonce Knowles in the poll. The poll was reported by dailystar.co.uk.

Enrique Iglesias rocking first performance in New Delhi

The Spanish pop singer Enrique Iglesias rocked the stage with his super firing performances and undoubtedly his fans loved it. The Spanish singer hits the stage with his songs like `Hero`, `Baby you like it` and `Bailamos`.

However, Enrique Iglesias arrived at the event around two hours late, but his fans did not mind it as he greeted his fans with a ‘Namaste’.

Apple out Java from Mac OS X

Apple giant which has earlier installed Java with installations of Mac OS X , is removing old versions of Oracle’s Java software from its customers systems through Internet browsers.

The move came following its experts warning in sake of Mac users’ system security facing Java vulnerabilities as hit installation of the latest update to its Mac operating system.

Verizon offering Google Play Carrier Billing

The wireless Verizon Company announced to launch online Google Play billing service for its customers to pay directly for Google Play Store.

Now to access any apps in Google Play Store like books, movies, music, magazines, and other content, users can make billing payment directly through Verizon service provider on their phones and Android devices.

Obama slag off Romney with ‘Romnesia’ jibe

Criticizing Mitt Romney and his policy position changing his stand on various women-related issues to take new US Presidential term, President Barack Obama remarked ‘Romnesia’ disease which only be cured via ‘Obamacare’.

Addressing 9,000 people at a university campus outside Washington for the White House elections which are left to come just 18 days, Obama attacked on his rival and said, “He (Romney) is changing up so much and backtracking and sidestepping (that) we’ve got to name this condition that he is going through. I think it’s called ‘Romnesia’. That’s what it’s called. I think that’s what he’s going through.”

Digvijay Singh to lead Congress against Arvind Kejriwal

The congress leader and general secretary Digvijay Singh has recnelty said in an interview that ‘Arvind Kejriwal is a self-serving ambitious megalomaniac having “streak” of Hitler.’

Further, the congress leader said in media that he would also put question to Arvind Kejriwla and asked Arvind Kejriwal whether he would dismiss like RSS, Anna Hazare and Ramdev the “uncomfortable” questions asked to them by him.

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Kingfisher licence likely be suspended today

The cash beleaguered Kingfisher Airlines is likely to face the toughest phase in its journey as Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) seeks to suspend its flying licence today.

Being failed in presenting a reliable turnout plan on resolving the 21-day row with its employees over non-payment of seven-month salary dues as well as efficient response over DGCA deadline tag show cause notice as it extended its lockout till October 23, KFA has asked life breathing time to reply to the notice.

Soldier honoured who died in 1962 India-China war

Today, the country had completed the 50 years of its war with China and the country paid homage to the soldiers ho lost their lives in the 1962 India-China war.

This is the first time when Defence Minister AK Antony along with the top military official of India paid homage to those fighters who sacrifices their life int eh war.

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