FBI Foils US Fed Terror Bomb Plot

In a Sting Operation by US FBI authorities, a Bangladeshi man alleged source of al-Qaeda was arrested Wednesday on charges of plotting a 1,000 pound bomb to blast the the world’s largest gold deposit building,  Federal Reserve Bank.

The terrorist identified as Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis, 21, was arrested in Manhattan, New York while he was trying to explode the dummy bomb what he thought was a live bomb, provided by an undercover federal agent in a sting operation in front of the Fed building on Liberty Street.

FBI confirmed that Nafis approached the US in January 2012 aiming to target Federal Reserve in Lower Manhattan in wake of setting al-Qaeda by “a terrorist attack on US soil”.

Nafis admitted that he “wanted to ‘destroy America’ referred to slain al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden as “beloved” that he thought best way to target America’s economy.

Report is also that al-Qaeda source, Nafis who had already included in attack on a high-ranking US official and the New York Stock Exchange, was also recruiting individuals to accomplish his goal in US. Among them two were actually an ‘FBI source and an FBI undercover agent’.

Nafis has now in authorities’ custody under the charges of seeking blast with explosive material also to provide support to Al Qaeda.


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