Forbes International named Datawind’s Suneet Tuli in Impact 15 list

Among the 15 list of ‘world’s most Impactful Social Entrepreneurs’, Forbes International has named Suneet Singh Tuli, CEO of the manufacture of Aakash Tablet, Datawind, in its annual magazine, reports said .

The top 15 international “classroom revolutionaries” are those using innovative technologies with business practices, taking part to solve social issues and also to change the way we teach school students to how we train the next generation of teachers.

Tuli is the tailor of the world’s cheapest tablet computer Aakash which has made record of millions of orders and revolutionise educational access in the developing world.

“It’s such an honor to be recognized by Forbes. They have recognized the revolution that is being created by breaking the price barrier of computing and internet devices. The Aakashtablet computers will help improving the quality of the Indian education system and the world, by bridging the digital divide. We will continue with our efforts to provide affordability to the billions that have been left out of the internet age,” Tuli said, as per source.

Among the other education innovators, Salman Khan, the Bangladeshi-American founder of Khan Academy, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Anant Agarwal are also named.

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