Gaddafi Son Libya Trial would offer death, damage ICC

Muammar Gaddafi’s son Seif al-Islam would punish a death sentence in Libya as it has enough evidence against him, lawyer told International Criminal Court on Wednesday, as reports said.

Over a dispute on Seif al-Islam’s justice who is facing trial against arrest warrant issued by the ICC, Melinda Taylor, a lawyer appointed by court said there was no doubt he would be hanged if found guilty.

“Although the Libyan government has danced around the issue, let’s be very clear: if convicted (in Libya) Mr Gaddafi will be hanged,” Taylor said.

Whereas, ICC defence lawyers wants Seif to face trial in The Hague, not get a fair trial in Libya while Libyan Officials wants that Seif should face trial in his homeland.

“This trial is not motivated by a desire for justice but a desire for revenge, and there is no right to revenge under international law,” Taylor said.

Lawyer further added, “Mr Gaddafi is not a guinea pig (for Libyan justice). He is a person with rights. He should not be languishing in prison while Libya tries to build a judicial system.”

Over the Taylor committing as Mr. Gaddafi is facing violation of fare trial right, the ICC lawyers refused over it by saying that it was a complicated process and for that Libya need more time.

In June 2011, ICC had issued arrest warrant against Seif on two counts of crimes against humanity and in 19 November 2011, while ending his father Gaddafi’s 4 decades ruling, he arrested in the northwestern Libyan hilltown of Zintan and since then has been in custody.

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