Guwahati molestation: CM sets 48 hours deadline for police

“Is a 16-year-old molested girl got justice?” this question is raise in mind of everyone in India, highlighting incidence of lawlessness and crimes against women.

As after airing on Internet, the incidents sparked internationally, but the police still have found no clues regarding the remaining accused men who succeed to run.

The incident of molestation by mob of 13 men was happened on 10 July in Guwahati that once again questioned on the ‘safety for women’ in India. And now five days are left , but police has arrested only 4 of them, being identified from the video of the incident captured by cameraperson of a news channel.

It has been reported, a three-member National Commission for Women team will be reaching Guwahati to conduct a probe of matter.

Beside this Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi appointed a special task force for investigating and in search of accused, strict actions have been directed to take by police against culprits.

Beside this, a deadline has been set for the police to nab the all the accused identified in the Guwahati molestation case.

Even, posters of the 13 accused are posted across the city that helps to nab the culprits.
Now the fact is that where the mistake has gone and how one can prevent incidents like Guwahati, is there a need to have stronger laws against such crimes.

“It’s a case for intelligent policing. Secondly, it’s a case for better deployment, better people at the right places, people who know policing. And third, co-opt people in peace time. Unless you co-opt civil defence, home guards, resident associations, market associations and even have cameras outside the pubs which mean a case for co-option,” Team Anna member Kiran Bedi said, while expressing her opinion to media persons.

Strict law must be required against sexual assault and molestation which are at present bailable offences. The government has needed to pass out the Criminal Law amendment relating to sexual harassment.

One embarrassing fact is that the whole incident was viral on the Internet that criticized the camerapersons to ground the value of the ethics, shooting a molestation incident and make live.

But as per channel, it was “in public interest”. There were lots of people shooting the incident on mobile phones. “The serious point is that not a single group has come out on the street to protest against the incident. The media launched the campaign…”, the Managing Editor of the TV channel told reporters. He added, “We were at a strategic location and we reached there. The question of ethical and unethical comes later.”