H1N1 Case: 4-month Malad infant is the youngest

H1N1 150x150 H1N1 Case: 4 month Malad infant is the youngestMumbai is hitting record of HINI cases as the youngest HINI case of a four-month male child from Malad found positive after tested.

According to BMC, a four- month child was suffering from fever and sore throat. However all the samples had been sent to the Haffkine Institute for examination the chances of virus and it has confirmed that he is infected HINI virus and tested positive.

However, the child who has admitted to Wadia Children’s Hospital, has been treating with proper meditation that was started after examining the symptoms of virus.

The child has under the full protective treatment as any one who is contracting him has been examined whether being infected with signs of communicated virus or not.

BMC epidemiologist Dr Mangala Gomare told reporters, “The hospital has started swine flu treatment for the child and sent the samples to Haffkine Institute for examination. The test result was communicated to us yesterday. His doctors have told us that he is stable.”

From last two months record, this is the Mumbai’s first youngest positive swine flu case. During one whole year, India recorded around 300 swine flu cases in eight states including Maharashtra.

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