Historic report on Higgs boson discovery awaited

As per the latest reports, scientists allover the world are eagerly waiting the outcomes of one of the biggest experiments of the history.

In their latest experiment, scientists are trying to prove the subsistence of the Higgs boson particle.

From the past many months physicists have been trying hard in an underground lab in Europe, going through many particles together inside the 16-miles long tube named as ‘Large Hadron Collider’ (LHC).

Reports have said that physicists are influenced the Higgs boson particle is the confirmation for how the universe works.

Now, let us know that what is the Higgs boson?

A top scientist Professor Peter Higgs forecasted in the 1960s that there is a particle present in the nature which could explain the workings of the universe.

Now, if his prediction gets proved, it would be clear that all particles have mass – that’s a measure of how much ‘stuff’ an object – such as a particle or molecule – contains.

Further, Particle expert Tara Shears from Liverpool University said, “If particles didn’t have mass, you wouldn’t have stars, you wouldn’t have galaxies, you wouldn’t even have atoms. The Universe would be entirely different.”

Meanwhile, Professor Jeff Forshaw of Manchester University explains that the Higgs boson as being like dragging a ball through treacle!

On the other hand, ‘Boson’ is another word for ‘particle’ and this name is given to it after the Indian scientist S N Bose who researched particles in the 1940s.

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