India successful tests supersonic AAD-05 missile

The supersonic AAD-05 was tested and it proved to be a finest mission. The interceptor missile AAS-05 was first time launched.

And it tested from the Wheeler Island off the Odisha coast.

Its launching in deliverable user configuration and full deployment mode was successfully ‘killing’ an incoming ballistic missile at an altitude of nearly 15 km over the Bay of Bengal.

The targeted missile a modified version of ‘Prithvi’ was launched from the Integrated Test Range (ITR) at Chandipur.

And after four minutes from this launching, the interceptor missile was test-fired.

However the regular computing trajectory had been done through computers while missile coming from different places and the onboard radio frequency seeker identified the target missile and guided the interceptor to it.

Calling it a “one of the finest missions”, Chief V K Saraswat, the scientific adviser to the Defence Minister and DRDO informed that with this, India joined a select group of countries such as the US, Russia and Israel, who have these ballistic missile defence capabilities.

India’s plan of having a robust Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) umbrella got a big thrust by this successful launching.

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