US drone attack ‘kills 10′ in Pakistan

A strike by US drone has started and as per source report, it stoke a camp and killed 10 suspected militants in Pakistan’s North Waziristan region near the Afghanistan border.

A house that was suspected of being a militant hideout in the village of Thapi has being targeted by a drone with blew two missiles.

The reason behind targeting North Waziristan area by US force is of having centre area of terrorist network. The Haqqani network, an Afghan militant faction allied with the Taliban and other several militant groups, Afghan Taliban and al Qaeda have their network line in Pakistan’s northwestern ethnic Pashtun regions, the porous border with Afghanistan.

On 10 January this year, US drone had attacked with the missile in northwest Pakistan for which Pakistan complained of violation of its sovereignty. And this recent is the fifth drone strike.

Due to such strike, eight militants have killed and two injured. The dead bodies are removed by militants from the compound, including senior al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders as well as an unknown number of other militants and civilians.

As per source saying, almost all the men were burnt beyond recognition. Dozens of militants arrived later and took over rescue work.

They pulled out nine bodies. Although more than Hundreds of people have been killed from US drone strike, but still there is no any specified defensive comment come out from US govt. on drone operations.

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