It’s time to better relations with US: Hina Rabbani Khar

Pakistan, known as head of terrorism, now step forward to make improvement in relations with the United States and Nato, following on Monday Pakistan’s foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar said that the country may reopen its Afghan border to NATO troop supply routes.

After the American airstrikes in which 24 Pakistani soldiers were shot dead on November 26, Pakistan government had closed the supplies route for nearly six months.

Once again moving to reopening routes for six months provoking to better relations with US, Pakistan said, “It was important to make a point, Pakistan has made a point and we now need to move on and go into a positive zone and try to conduct our relations.”

“We are trying to put this relationship, you know, in a positive zone and I am quite sure that we will be successful in doing so,” foreign Minister told reporters.

However this move came up just one day ahead of Pakistan‘s defence committee of the cabinet, the country’s top civilian and military leaders are to discuss ending the blockade, repairing US relations by accepting demand to attend a Nato summit in Chicago next week.

Calling an end to US drone strikes on Pakistani soil, targeting Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, Pakistan’s main motive to bilateral talk with West as it needed West money for expand state coffers ahead of the next budget.

The US apologized for the November deaths, the result of mistakes made on both sides and said both countries have made “considerable progress” on the issue.

“Our team is still in Islamabad working on the land route issue. They are not yet finished with the Pakistanis. But we’re having a full review,” a US State Department source told reporters.

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