EC complaints against Salman Khurshid, opposition want quick action

All party leaders were in race of hook and crook to get maximum voters support in Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections on Saturday.

Law Minister Salman Khurshid was also campaigning for his wife Louise who is a Congress candidate from Farrukhabad Assembly constituency in Uttar Pradesh.

But this campaigning is proved to be a big mistake for him as he confined in rally that he would continue to pursue the line on nine percent sub-quota for minorities ‘even if EC hang me’.

The Election Commission on Saturday night complained in form of writing a letter to President Pratibha Patil about Salman Khurshid’s “improper and unlawful” defiance.

During campaigning Khurshid reiterated his promise for increasing the sub-quota for minorities to nine per cent, out of the 27 per cent Other Backward Classes (OBC) reservation.

Mr Khurshid said, “If they want to hang me they can, they can hang me for committing to people for a quota…We will change the fate of the poor, even if we have to go against EC, we will change the fate of the poor. I will then come and stand in front of the court of the people and fight my case. I want to stand in the court of the people and ask, ‘isn’t it the right of the people’?”

The EC has embarrassed with Govt. and Congress party. The Commission enforced Patil to take strict action against Khurshid. It said that Khurshid had undermining his constitutional duties by censuring for promise sub-quota for minorities that was violative of the Election Model Code of Conduct.

Khurshid’s defiance is damaging the level playing field in the election and creating an unprecedented situation in the battle of poll between him and Commission.

Khurshid had done this only for benefiting his party as more Muslim votes. The opposition BJP party has come to get this opportunity as strongly acted on Minister’s defiance by wrote a letter to President for dismissal of Khurshid.

BJP chief spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad said, “The BJP condemns it in the strongest words possible. Khurshid has no right to stay in government now. Would Madam Sonia Gandhi now speak as this is almost akin to a serious constitutional crisis?”

Meanwhile Congress party president Sonia Gandhi along with her party members, all are keep silence on this issue and never commented their remark on this. But the BJP demanded to sack Khurshid and Congress should now respond as a situation “almost akin to a serious constitutional crisis” had arisen.

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