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Cameron’s India Trade Visit marks a new economic chapter; Same-day visa for Indian announces

Mark a new chapter in the UK-India economic relationship, British Prime Minister David Cameron announce to introduce same-day visa service for Indian businessmen, seeking to lure more who want to come and invest there. Read more

Britain PM David Cameron urges Scots not to break up nation

In a major setback on Scotland to be a part of UK, British Prime Minister David Cameron on Sunday said that Scotland is better off in Britain, but urged it not to break the United Kingdom apart. Read more

French-Mali Mission: Troops patrol Timbuktu, UK troops set to join

The conflict of a Mali intervention with Islamist militants never seem to be end so soon as reports are that atleast 350 British troops could be deployed to Mali and West Africa to train other military forces to get out militants. Read more

Dow sponsors London Olympics, sad if India boycotts: British PM

London Olympic 300x159 Dow sponsors London Olympics, sad if India boycotts: British PMIndian Olympic Association faces much difficulty over the row to drop sponsorship of the event by Dow Chemicals as the London Games’ sponsor, linked to the Bhopal Gas tragedy of 1984 which claimed thousands of lives.

India does not want that IOC approach the Dow Company for Olympic sponsorship and by acting on its efforts, it tried to convince the IOC to drop its decision. But it has failed to do the same and being angered from Dow, a “failure” Indian Government decided to “go beyond lesser considerations” and cancel the deal. Read more

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