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Assad’s forces fires Scud missiles in Syria escalation

Syria Unrest 150x150 Assad’s forces fires Scud missiles in Syria escalationBashar al-Assad government forces have fired Scud missiles against insurgents, one of the biggest and deadly attempts to oust in recent days, seeking to overthrow the regime, according to latest reports.

The 21-month-old conflict between Syria troops and Rebels moved dangerous phase while repeatedly several fierce missiles fired from the heart of Syria, Damascus into northern Syria. Read more

Syria Clash: Aleppo’s souk burning

Syria Clash 150x150 Syria Clash: Aleppos souk burningAttempt of Syrian troops and rebels to take hold on Syria left more than hundreds of shops blazed in Aleppo’s souk, fired all area in gunfire, but UNESCO, Aleppo’s old city termed the damage as a tragedy, reports said.

The ancient market and shops was one of the best the cultural sites, tourist attraction place in the Middle East, famous for its narrow stone alleys and stores selling perfume, fabrics and spices. Read more

Around nine people killed in Syria suicide blast in Damascus

Syria suicide blast 300x225 Around nine people killed in Syria suicide blast in DamascusIt seems that Syria’s violence would never seeking a way to cease-firing as once again a suicide bombing on Friday in Damascus, killed at least nine people included civilians and law enforcement officers and injuring almost 30.

Source says, in the pro-opposition Midan neighborhood, a suicide bomber deployed an explosives belt and attacked near the Zein Abidin mosque where on Friday huge numbers of people came to prayers. Read more

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