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Assad proposes new Syria peace initiative

Syria President Bashar al-Assad called today a new peace initiative to end the 21-month-old uprising included a national mobilization plan while delivering a TV address. Read more

Assad’s forces fires Scud missiles in Syria escalation

Syria Unrest 150x150 Assad’s forces fires Scud missiles in Syria escalationBashar al-Assad government forces have fired Scud missiles against insurgents, one of the biggest and deadly attempts to oust in recent days, seeking to overthrow the regime, according to latest reports.

The 21-month-old conflict between Syria troops and Rebels moved dangerous phase while repeatedly several fierce missiles fired from the heart of Syria, Damascus into northern Syria. Read more

Lebanese intelligence official Wissam al-Hassan’s funeral today in Beirut

Wissam al Hassan 150x150 Lebanese intelligence official Wissam al Hassan’s funeral today in BeirutOn Friday, in the Lebanon, allies of heart of Syria, Damascus, a deadly bomb attack in the mainly Christian district of Ashrafiya has killed eight people including country’s intelligence chief Wissam al-Hassan and wounded dozens.

Over raising toll in series of attacks in Syria, anti-Syrian unrest has hit out in several parts of Lebanon, burning tyres and blocking roads by opposition turning the ceremony into a political rally against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati, accusing to be responsible for attacks. Read more

Panetta: Aleppo assault a ‘nail in Assad’s coffin’

Syria that becomes a much sensitive district has been tried to be recaptured by Syrian troops, especially Syria’s largest city Aleppo and for that they even ready to make tragic attacks against rebels.

From last few weeks, Syrian forces are continuously attacking on their own people and make blood shed only for gripping the whole Syria. Read more

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