Ravi Ruia quits as Chairman of Essar Energy

Essar Energy Ravi Ruia 300x195 Ravi Ruia quits as Chairman of Essar EnergyAfter alleged by CBI in 2G Scam, Ravi Ruia, chairman of Essar Energy, now has maed an announcement to step down from his post.

The Essar Group Company release a report and said that The decision was taken voluntarily following allegations by India’s Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) that Ruia, certain other executives of the Essar Group, and Essar Teleholdings Limited.

Now Ruia will continue as a director of the London-listed Essar Energy, part of the FTSE 100 benchmark index. The company was listed in 2009.

The company added in release, “There are no charges of bribery or corruption or collusion with public servants (as compared to the other prosecutions being pursued in the 2G spectrum scam).”

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HTC calls to fight back against Apple

From the previous year, Apple has fought legally with HTC and Samsung. And in this fighting, HTC has to face many problem and struggle for raising market segment.

However there are multiple patent litigations, which have Apple been embroiled.

And infringing Apple’s user interface is one of them.

By ruling against HTC Company, the judge announced his judgment in that case and said that the company was infringing one of the Apple patents in that case.

Meanwhile HTC lost a patent case against Apple on a patent involving linking and analyzing data and resulting in an import ban on some products. So, The U.S. govt. had banned on HTC product.

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Three songs from Dam 999 songs selected for Oscars

According to the latest Bollywood news, Sohan Roy’s Dam 999 might have known in the country for its controversy, but that has not stopped the film from entering into the Oscar race.

It is being said to media that three songs from the film, ‘Dakkanaga Dugu Dugu’, ‘Dam 999 Theme Song’ and ‘Mujhe Chhod Ke’ are among the 39 short listed songs for the prestigious Oscars.

However, the final selection will be announced on January 24 next year.

In the meantime, the film released allover the country last month and was banned in Tamil Nadu for supposedly taking a pro-Kerala stand in the Mullaperiyar dam row.
In addition, in 2009 Indian music genius A.R. Rahman has won two Oscar awards for Best Original score and Best Original Song for Slumdog Millionaire, directed by Danny Boyle.

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Kepler spacecraft finds-out 2 Earth-size planets

earth kepler 20f 300x168 Kepler spacecraft finds out 2 Earth size planetsThe most interesting discovery has been made by the NASA’s Kepler spacecraft astronomers.

On Tuesday, they had made announcement that they had discovered a pair of planets the size of Earth orbiting a distant star.

However, out of the two new planets that has been discovered, one seems to be as big as Earth and the other slightly smaller than Venus.

The astronauts declared its results in an online news conference Tuesday that the new planets are the smallest planets yet found beyond the solar system.

In their amazing discovery’s report, Astronomers said the discovery showed that Kepler could indeed find planets as small as our own and was an encouraging sign that planet hunters would someday succeed in the goal of finding Earth-like abodes in the heavens.

David Charbonneau who was a member of the team that made the observations, led by colleague Francois Fressin, said, “We are finally there.”

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Two AMRI nurses names recommended to Perz for honour

The most dreadful tragedy of AMRI hospital, in which many loved one are to be died around 93 were declared to dead. And now in a source report, govt. should come and honoured the person who gives their tremendous support in this incident to save other hospitalised person.

Yesterday, K M Mani, Kerala Finance minister said that he would recommend to the President that the two nurses who died battling the December 9 blaze at a Kolkata hospital be honoured.

On December 9, there was a fire stroke in AMRI hospital which killing 93 people and many injured in it.

The two nurses, named Remya and Vineetha, both aged 24, were pulled out eight of nine patients from female ward which was totally filled with smoke, at AMRI hospital in Kolkata.

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Sonam Kapoor tagged as Sexy

As per the latest Bollywood news, the upcoming news comer Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor and daughter of actor Anil Kapoor, has been now tagged as sexy. However, the actress can’t believe it.

Meanwhile, the change in saying has come in media after Sonam Kapoor’s latest film ‘Players’ promos went on air.

It is shown in the promos of the film that Sonam Kapoor as a feisty girl with devil-may-care attitude and a few seduction tricks up her sleeve. To Sonam’s surprise, people have now begun to compliment her as sexy.

The actress was talking to media during the opening of a new programme Super Santa for UTV, she said, “Can you believe people are calling me sexy. I don’t know where to look when they call me that. I am like ‘really me?”

Even if, the actress is surprised, but at the same time she can’t deny that she likes being called sexy.

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Veena Malik is married, says Rakhi Sawant

The Pakistani actress Veena Malik is all set to take part in a reality show to get married in swayamvar style, its earlier participent, Rakhi Sawant, has come-up with a smashing news.

The Bollywood drama queen has said in media that Veena Malik has already been married (in Pakistan) and in fact, is living-in with her boyfriend, Ashmit Patel.

Talking to media, Rakhi said, “I haven’t seen anybody more irresponsible than her. She goes into hiding like a Gaddafi saying she’s unwell. You only go into hiding if you are guilty. She is fooling the whole world. The whole industry knows that she is married and now, she is in a live-in relationship with Ashmit Patel. I haven’t heard of any man wanting to marry a married woman, and who’s living in with another man. I want to know where these contestants (grooms) are coming from.”

Further talking to media, Rakhi Sawant said that she is having confirmed sources that Veena is married in Pakistan.

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