Anna Hazare hospitalized, feeling pain in chest

Anna Hazare sick 300x150 Anna Hazare hospitalized, feeling pain in chestIn Pune, today on the basis of doctors’ advice, the 74-year-old, Anna Hazare was admitted to a private hospital for medical treatment.

After facing viral infection over the last few days, the social activist is now suffering from severe chest congestion. In fact the three day hunger strike, began on December 27 at the MMRDA Grounds in Mumbai , had been called off at the end of first day due to Mr Hazare’s poor health that citing a potential threat to his kidneys.

Dr K H Sancheti, who examined Mr Hazare, said, “There is congestion in his (Hazare’s) chest and he has strong cough. He can’t remain in a single position for a minute. Therefore I’ve suggested admitting him in Pune.”

He also said that the Mr Hazare needed to get an X-ray done on his chest and undergo other medical investigations in the hospital.

Due to suffering from chest infection and having Because of poor health, Anna has been shifted to the hospital from his hometown Ralegan Siddhi where he headed later. The expectations are made that the anti-corruption crusader is spend at least four days in the hospital.

On Thursday in a statement, Dr Daulat Pote , Hazare’s personal physician stated, “ The Gandhian is still suffering from weakness owing to a viral infection and has been advised complete rest for at least four days.”

Hence due to poor health, the 2-3 January meeting of Team Anna has also been postponed and the freah date for it will be tabled very soon.

Informing postponement of meeting, his close associate Allaudin Sheikh said, “Anna’s fever has come down, but his blood pressure is not normal and he is feeling weak. We were advised that he should not talk much and hence we have postponed the meeting.”

In New Delhi, talking about Anna’s health, Team Member Kiran Bedi told reporters, “He is not well and needs rest. When he will be fine, the meeting will take place.”

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