Breaking News: 48 people feared killed in Syria

During an assault by regime forces in the central flashpoint of Homs, within 24 hours 200 peoples had died overnight Friday.

And now as per the source report, 48 more victims are killed in the violence in Syria in the middle of growing outrage following a “massacre” in the protest city of Homs. These included 18 soldiers and six army deserters.

Later a day while security forces opened fire on mourners at funerals of people who were killed, other 12 civilians’ deaths along with causalities of thirty injured people in the Damascus suburb Daraya had happened due to violent fact.

A member of the Local Coordination Committees (LCC), a protest group said, “Security agents were deployed en masse in Daraya… They opened fire indiscriminately on the funerals leaving 12 dead and a great number injured.”

The death rate is so high that it is difficult to confirm because restrictions has imposed on the foreign media. From last week the toll of death is enhancing that blooded to Syria.

But all the blames fro any such attack that creates violence has been put on to the “armed groups” by the Syrian Authorities, making the issue more crucial to stop

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