Egypt revolt anniversary: unrest leave 9 dead, 456 hurts

Egypt’s armed forces deployed troops in the city of Suez early on Saturday, following amid clashes during Egyptian opposition supporters’ protests, marking the second anniversary of the uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak’s regime.

Nine people have shot dead and 110 people have been injured in the fresh clashes with police across the country in Cairo, near Tahrir Square, Alexandria and the cities of Suez, media reports said.

It further added, around 500,000 opponents were protesting against President Mohammed Morsi and his Muslim brotherhood, underlining country as Islamic centered by reestablishing Mubarak’s revolution.

Nationwide violent protests erupted in multiple cities around Egypt at least 12 of Egypt’s 27 provinces, including several Islamist strongholds.

Being angered over Morsi’s betrayal of the revolution, protesters fired at the HQ of the Muslim Brotherhood’s party in Ismailia, reports said.

Two years to the day after protesters stood against ex-president Mubarak, the Nationwide Protest started on Friday again against revolution of two years of political turmoil, surging crime and an economy in free fall.

Demanding a regime change, opponents were pelting stones and fire set outside the Morsi’s palace in Cairo. The police fired tear gas at protesters and while they push through police barricade, clashes erupted.

Reports are also that HQs of Muslim Brotherhood have also being hit out by the anger of protesters including government and security buildings in Ismailiya. While Egypt’s second city Alexandria has also rocked with clashes.

Protesters fuelled anger at Morsi and his Islamist allies, erupted violence have injured another 456 people across Egypt, media reports said,

Morsi has appealed for calm, spend the anniversary in a “peaceful and civilised way”, ending the clashes and respect the principles of the revolution by finding solution peacefully.

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