Google doodles honours Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick

The UK Search engine has honoured the best American novelist Herman Melville’s masterpiece’s publication , Moby-Dick in its Google doodle, celebrating the 161st anniversary of his landmark novel’s publication.

From the Moby-Dick which was firstly published in Britain in 1951, Google doodles posted its home page background with novel’s scene depicting Captain Ahab commandeering a whaling boat with a harpoon in his hands to strike at the huge white sperm whale.

Moby-Dick is such masterpiece of Melville is deal with a long whaling ship journey of sailor Ishmael the main characters under Captain Ahab with beliefs on social, communal status over God to show good and evil.

Melville’s landmark novel is book which ‘permeates a culture, reinforcing and shaping ideas: ambition, for example, and the drive to conquer nature, the imperial drive, the wish to pursue an ideal to the last degree’, a source report said.

The Moby-Dick was also published as The Whale firstly by Richard Bentley in London in three volumes on October 18, 1851, while as a single volume, Harper and Brothers in New York published American edition on November 14, 1851.

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