Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi exhorts nation to oust UPA

The BJP’s Friday Mumbai national executive meet inn which Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was only who was the start of the show as senior leaders LK Advani and Sushma Swaraj skipped meet without any definite reason, claiming prior engagements in Delhi.

After two days high drama of Sanjay Joshi’s exit from the meet to make presence of Modi and removing his differences with Nitin Gadkari, While Modi took the stage; his targetwas the United Progressive Alliance (UPA).

Claiming a conspiracy behind the dramatic fall of the rupee in recent days, Modi said, “The Government at the Center neither has a leader (neta) nor a strategy (neeti)…nor even a clean character/intent (neeyat).”

In brief he said the rupee was stable till November, but suddenly it began to slide upto 25% of its value. No one gave the answer of the cause of this sudden fall, adding, “And why hasn’t the currencies of Bangladesh, Pakistan or Nepal fallen? Why only India’s currency?”

Attacking on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s performance from last three years, Modi said Singh, prime minister for the corruption and the economic ills facing the country, source reported.

“The UPA government about the agriculture growth having gone (by one per cent) to 3.5 per cent.. The Centre does not realize that the Gujarat government has posted a 11 per cent growth achieved in agriculture sector by my government. Similarly it takes the entire credit for increasing the generation of power 20,000 MW, while not bothering to mention about Gujarat’s contribution in the whole thing,” he further added in his statement.

Urging the crowd of around 3,000-4,000 people against the UPA government collectively and throw the “incompetent, inefficient, and corrupt UPA government”, Modi’s rally show the preplanning for the Genral Election 2014.

Presented himself as the country’s shadow prime minister, he said, “I run a government and I can tell you that it is not possible for the rupee to fall so fast so suddenly.”

However Gadkari will be the party president for the next general elections after an RSS push, although Advani was unhappy with this, but what about BJP‘s prime ministerial candidate in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

Reports suggested that Modi is in full force to make his place clear for the BJP’s Prime Minister Candidature, though BS Yeddyurappa, Karnataka chief minister stated, “Modi will be our candidate for the PM’s post.”

Moreover, this time Modi and Gadkari both presented as a united front in exclusive, but it was Modi who was in debate of win Gadkari’s extension, being quit Joshi and imposed the saffron fountainhead.

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