2002 Riot Cases: High relief for Gujarat CM Narendra Modi

The Gujarat High Court rejected a petition filed by NGO Jan Sangarsh Manch to summon the chief minister Narendra Modi for his involvement in connection with the 2002 riots

No having evidence in the application seeking against Modi, the commission of bench of justice has rejected the petition by not having witness.

Talking to Media, JSM said that Modi should be summoned by the commission as the role of the chief minister falls within the ambit of the probe panel’s inquiry and now he will go to the Supreme Court for summoning Modi.

From last week, situation is really complicating for Modi, firstly a pull out released through which Modi is called as ‘a master organiser and astute election strategist’ and second is of JSM petition filed against Modi.

All such issue has put bad impacts on the image of Congress Party and recently Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit has supported Congress by praising Modi for bringing about development in the BJP-ruled state in form of advertising to his govt.

While addressing an election function in Agra, Dikshit said, “I am not talking about party. There is no two opinions that development is taking place in Gujarat and (because of that) government gets re-elected. Why governments get re-elected. Why they come again and again because they ensure development.”

Sheila Dikshit’s govt. came in power of twice in Delhi and as per her statement the governments which concentrate on fine-tuning governance and have provided stability have surly been returned to power in the country.

But how she praised in her context to that person, Modi, who has been accused in communal riots in which a huge numbers of living beings had lost their lives. The statement given by Dikshit in highly praise of Modi, seems a cause of feeling ashamed for Congress as appreciating Modi’s action of advertisement.

But after quoted her saying, Dikhshit clarified that she only said good governance ensures return to power, without praising Modi. This happened in Delhi, Assam and somewhat in Gujarat.

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