No need to fear FDI reform, PM to aam aadmi

Honouring as a honesty man of the country, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh appealed common man (aam aadmi) via interviewing media, not to worry over FDI in retail reforms, even they have to give their trust and cooperation, seeking to remove tag of downgrading economy.

Currently, Mr. Singh who is facing a critical situation withdrawal of 19-MP strong Trinamool Congress from UPA Cabinet, came before media on Friday with confidence as he had done as Finance Minister in 1991, and explained why the government had opt these toughest steps.

Addressing his reforms, Mr. Singh confined the public, especially small retailers that they will remain exist in market, FDI in multi-brand retail would not left their mouth spare.

Promising more significant policy for public, Mr. Singh said that strengthen his hands to make a better future for the generations and not to misled over reforms, it beneficial for public.

“Our government has been voted to office twice to protect the interests of aam aadmi,” Mr. Singh told media persons, explaining that fuel price hike is not more as it be of Rs17 a litre, “Money does not grow on trees. If we had not acted, it would have meant a higher fiscal deficit.”

“Please do not be misled by those who want to confuse you by spreading fear and false information. The same tactics were adopted in 1991,” he further explained the situation of 1991 when no country came before to give financial support even small amounts of money then.

Appealing Janta to give support and accept his UPA reforms, PM further stated, “Many European countries… cannot pay their bills and are looking to others for help… I am determined to see that India will not be pushed into that situation. But I can succeed only if I can persuade you to understand why we had to act.”

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