Resident Doctors end strike in Rajasthan

Having a big issue on strike of Rajasthan doctor, the state govt. has a big partially success due to end of strike by resident doctors on Tuesday night.

Such offing the strike gave some amount of relief to patients who had suffered a lot from this and treated in the private hospitals.

A hand written letter had been submitted to the health minister A.A. Khan by the President of Jaipur Association of Resident Doctors, Ashok Jhajharia , in which decision to withdraw from the strike had been written.

Around 450 doctors out of 3,500 doctors are arrested in strike which has been made for their demand to hike pay and promotion that has been started from Dec 21.

By seeing no proper solution of this issue and a large number of patients suffering from this, the govt. has decided to take major decision of recruit 750 new doctors for the govt. hospitals.

As per reports released, around 1,500 doctors are working in government hospitals for treating patients at present.

A report released that Around 20,000 National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) contract employees and several in-service doctors have participated in the strike since last Wednesday.

However govt. should take strict actions against these doctors and making full arrangement for the state’s people for health services and also many private hospitals have opened their services for patients admitted in the government hospitals.

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