Airtel restarts its network in Mumbai

Once again a big fire broke out in Bharti Airtel centre at Malad around 2.30am. This is the second case in 3 years that disrupted the Airtel telecom services.

First time a fire broke out at Peninsula tower in July 2008 and it had taken a month to restore the network snag.

On the basis of data, around estimated 36 lakh customers are across the state’s western region. And they all were missed by the services.

A source reported that no harmful incident was happened and no one injured in this accident. A short-circuit said to be the cause of the fire.

But all the customers have been facing no servicing providence problem because voice calling service and data facilities such as GPRS, 3G and CDMA were hit.

However the whole electrical installation has been damaged when the fire broke out on the fourth floor of the seven-storey building in the 2,000sqm-server room.
A senior fire official reported, “The wiring on the wall and the ceiling, all the electrical installations and cables were damaged.”

“The inbuilt gas separation system was not functional so we could not find the source of fire. The equipment automatically switches on at the time of fire and separates smoke,” the official added.

Although from the evening, after taking 5 to 6 hours by fire department, network services had been running, the voice calling service had partially started .The fire rescue operation was completed at 7.08am.

Clarifying the whole incident, HN Muzawar, chief fire officer stated, “Employees were working at the Business Processing Outsourcing unit and around a thousand people were in the building when the fire broke out. We rescued all of them.”

But because of such stroke, the Airtel customers were angry and they had pointed out Airtel’s official website on Tweeter with their critical remarks g.

Meanwhile due to connectivity network problem, BlackBerry customers in Mumbai too affected, the Airtel Company have been restored and stabilizing all the Mobile voice, BlackBerry and SMS services till late evening.

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