The most wondered accounts of Osama bin Laden’s life revealed by his youngest wife that the horror al Qaeda leader lived as a lion across Pakistan in five safe houses with his family for nine years after scheduled 9/11 attacks.

Amal Ahmad Abdul Fateh, 30, told this report to Pakistani investors in which she accepted her marriage with bin Laden, 54, who was killed in 2011 in Pakistan’s Abbottabad by US troops.

Her marriage was in 2000 and she came to Karachi and after few months she lived in Laden’s farm outside Kandahar with him along his two other wives.

Most shocking reason for her decision of marrying with the world’s most wanted terrorist Laden was that “she had a desire of marrying a mujahid.”

According to report, when 9/11 attacks held, Fateh, fearing of danger, returned to Karachi with her newborn daughter Safia and lived for about nine months.
It has said that all times during her stayed in Karachi, for her newborn baby safety she went to shift between seven houses of Laden.

He took his family into rural mountain areas of northwest Pakistan instead of the Pakistan-Afghanistan border area where the US search was focused.

During the time period 2000-2005, Laden’s family stayed in the houses in Swat, Haripur and Abbottabad that were organized by their Pashtun hosts, two brothers-Ibrahim and Abrar.

They lived in Haripur for two years where Fateh gave birth to a girl, Aasia, in 2003 and a boy, Ibrahim, in 2004 in a local government hospital. She also gave birth to two more children while they moved to Abbottabad in mid-2005.

She told investors that Ibrahim, one of Pashtun hosts, is likely to involve to passing the Laden’s secret messages to American intelligence by Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti, a Pakistani-born Pashtun as ‘the courier’.

Fateh is the one, who was safe during the raid by the American Navy commandos on Laden’s Abbotabaad’s Farmhouse. It was interesting that at that time she was in the same room when troops shot the Qaeda leader in the leg.

However, the others along with her the courier, his wife Bushra, his brother Abrar, and bin Laden’s son, Khalil, were killed in raid.