Anna’s veiled attack on Khejriwal’s political move

Anna with Khejriwal 150x150 Annas veiled attack on Khejriwal’s political moveLaunching a veiled attack on Arvind Khejriwal, Anna Hazare on Friday made Khejriwal responsible for parting Anna Team just because of his political motives.

Accusing Khejriwal for spiting the anti-corruption campaign to form a political party, the Social activist has completely set aside himself from Kejriwal’s political move. He restricted people for using his name for any movement being launched against his will.

Meanwhile, Anna has publicly made statement on his blog over his rift with Khejriwal resulting wrecking of anti-corruption Team instead of UPA government for which from past two years the campaign had followed.

Taking promise not to part of any political movement till last breath, the 75-year-old activist ensured that Lokpal Bill would be passed before 2014 Lok Sabha elections. But sad as he took on effort to link him with some parties and communal organizations, being alleged of having close link with RSS through yoga guru Ramdev after Kejriwal-led group split.

“Efforts are on to destroy whatever is left now. People should not fall into such accusations. As elections are nearing, some party will try to misuse my name to garner votes. They will try to associate myself with them. There will be misuse of the movement’s name. You should not trust all these. The movement will remain movement only. Because it is sacred,” Anna said, as per source.

Moreover, still Kehjriwal who refused to comment over blog, confident that Anna would with them after a while to bless them foe their campaign

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