Barnes & Noble unveils two new HD Nook tablets

The World largest E-reader & E-books seller, US based Barnes & Noble company has introduce two newest high definition version of its Nook tablet, hitting toughest competition for its major rival Amazon Inc.

One of the lightest and thinnest Nook HD tablets, seeking the biggest growth of the amid tablet market, will be available in two variants Nook HD with a 7-inch widerscreen and 8GB memory which priced initially at $199. While second one is Nook HD + comes with a new 9-inch largest screen, competing Apple’s iPad, comes with 32 GB memory in market starting at $269.

“If the decision is whether to buy based on hardware, these new Nooks will beat out Amazon,” Forrester analyst James McQuivey told reporters.

In tablet war to beat Amazon one of the biggest e-reader online store, Barnes & Noble seeking future line up in digital business claims to offer a video purchase and rental service that make possible to fast browsing scrapbook and catalog in its book and magazine stores.

Nook HD Tablet is also featuring “Fifty Shades of Grey” allowing apparent to keep prevent kids, allowing shopping on online stores.

This time Nook comes with technical bombs as report said that the company is seeking to launch a new video-streaming and download service for Nook with a video entertainment service that allow users make shopping on their mobile devices and televisions including HBO, Sony Pictures, Viacom and Warner Brothers.

This amazing thinner, but stylish looking new Nooks are on hands with pre-order online stores, but will deliver by end of October.

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