Connecticut Elementary School Massacre triggers American gun control debate

Heart wrenching Connecticut elementary school massacre that left 20 innocent kids aged between 6 and 7, and six adults in Sandy Hook school dead, has re-lightened frame a debate over American gun control laws, ban on weapons.

One idea now on air that schools should be covered with guns to be able to defend children against attackers, but any meaningful action over the gun laws seem enough.

America had failed to keep its children safe, US President Barack Obama said in a statement, adding that US would take strict actions and use whatever power it had to prevent such incidents, source said.

Though much pressure is on National Rifle Association, the most powerful interest groups in Washington regarding changes in the amendments to the gun laws, reports said.

Although opposition Republicans are likely to opposed ban on usage of gun, but reports are that more than 126,000 people signed a White House petition asking to propose legislation on the assault weapon ban or banning assault rifles and high-capacity clips.

It has been said that Obama will soon acted upon this as it needed to have background checks on all gun sales.

The first two funerals have held in Connecticut after the Elementary School Shooting on Monday which will be held in days ahead. A much awaiting Christmas celebrations have now turned to mourning.

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