Pooja Bedi will file a case against Colors TV!

pooja bedi bigg boss 210x300 Pooja Bedi will file a case against Colors TV!Today the Bigg Boss -5 grand finale is going to show on Colors TV channel, but its one contestant, Pooja Bedi who has not been invited on the show, have declared war on twitter and supporting their friends inside the house and have not spared even a big star like Salman Khan.

However 40 years old Bedi has been asked to be away from the finale like Pooja Mishra , as she decided to go public about her views on Salman not treating Sky properly and ‘trying to demoralise, confuse, hurt and lie to him’.

Pooja Bedi has planned to file a case against Colors channel and Bigg Boss production house both, source reported recently.

Media sources released a report, “The channel, at the last minute cancelled her performances and banned her without giving any explanation.

A rather upset Pooja Bedi is planning to file a case against the channel and the production house. As per the contract, every contestant participates in the finale but the channel cancelled her performance four days ago without giving out a proper reason. It’s nothing but the power game.”

While talking to Pooja over her disagreement, she says, “I am taken aback. It’s in my contract that I am to attend finale. They blocked my dates and even informed me I was to do a medley. And three days ago abruptly the production house informed me that I was to not attend the finale.

They told me that it was the channel’s decision, however, the channel blamed the production house.”

According to her, channel and production house, both blamed each other for the decision. “They are putting blame on each other, no one is taking responsibility for the decision and no one is giving me a valid explanation. Other contestants were banned but have now been re-invited.

It’s all very bizarre! Perhaps a legal notice is only way to get some logical/valid answers for this abrupt decision and why no one is taking responsibility! I am contemplating.. Not sure! Why are they singling me out?” she added.

Moreover the channel defended that all such major steps has been taken because she spoke against the show, the host and its contestants.

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