Pooja Missra ruled out of Bigg Boss 5

On Saturday morning, all things are going to be opposed when Pooja Missra was ruled out from the show. Pooja Missra, who was always saying the word “Spare me”, now left to the most entertainment reality show because of violence.

The most shocking moment was when Big Boss himself told Missra to leave the show.

Actually the fact is that Siddarth Bhardwaj, a Big Boss – 5 contestent, did not like Pooja’s captaincy and this agitated her. There is controversy between two but he refused to listen to what she had to say.

In such controversy, angry Pooja yanked Sid, pushed him and acting some rude behavior.

She has always some problems with other housemates and had physical encounters with Vida Samadzai, Shonali Nagrani and Amar Upadhyay before.

Other housemates and also Bigg Boss had given her several warnings not to get physical with the housemates.

But may be this was the last incident that is enough to left her from the show.

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  1. Kikikoko says:

    Thank god , now publib nevr listn spare me word.. Bt one thng is that pooja gave enjoyment in show

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