Dhanush dines with Indian, Japanese Prime Minister

The Kolaveri Di singer Dhanush, a southern star, is now spreading his sparkling impression on all around the world.

After a huge success of this song which is make an emblem of the country , recently he had received an invitation for a dinner hosted by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for Japanese PM Yoshihiko Noda and first lady Hitomi Noda who had arrived in Delhi on Tuesday for a short visit to India.

Speaking his experience of dinner with PM of own country and Japan also, he posted on twitter, “It’s a great honour dining with the Prime Minister of India and Japan. It’s you guys who made it possible. I’m glad god gave me an opportunity to make my parents feel proud of me. God bless.”

His first ‘slap song’ “Kolaveri Di” has forced Indian public to dance on its beat and shrink on its tunes. It is making splash in Pakistan as well where a TV channel has come out with its own adaptation – a political satire.

Now the new Pakistani version ‘Where is democracy, democracy, democracy ji’ of “slap song” is begin which was uploaded on the Youtube on December 17 at the time when talks of confrontation between the government and the powerful security establishment are at a high .In the video, five middle-aged men who disgruntled with the system in Pakistan pointed fingers at corruption and political system.

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