The anticipation over the formation of government in Uttarakhand state is likely to come to an end today.

Further, it is expected that the congress party will overtake the charge in the state in few hours from now and is set to stake claim to form the next government.

Meanwhile, the Congress party has come up with huge win of over 32 seats in the state and leading as the largest party in the state, however, it was three short of majority in the 70-member House.

In addition, the Congress party is claiming support of 3 independent MLAs and one MLA of Uttarakhand Kranti Dal.

While talking to media, an official from the party said, Congress leaders are expected to meet governor Margret Alva at 1pm to stake claim to form government.

On the other hand, the biggest opposition party of Congress, BJP has won 31 seats and it would also be making desperate attempts to woo the independents.

BSP has won three seats in the state.