Yuvraj Singh fighting with lung tumour

According to the fresh news from sports, states that World Cup 2011 hero and Cricketer Yuvraj Singh is fighting with Lung tumour.

The best all-rounder of the Indian cricket team was unaware of a major health cause that was about to rattle him to the core. The middle-order batsman was now left out from the One day series against the West Indies after knowing that he is fighting with tumour in his left lung.

In the meantime, the declaration about his health cause was made to the media by her mother, Shabnam Singh. She said, “During the World Cup, Yuvraj found himself constantly troubled by bouts of coughing and vomiting. Reports and scans showed that he was dealing with something really serious. A golf-ball sized lump was found in his left lung and doctors advised us to go for more scans.”

However, the good news is that it is a non-malignant tumour (non-cancerous) and Yuvraj Singh, following extensive treatment, is on the road to full recovery.

The player had asked the selectors not to consider him for the ODI series until he was fully fit.

Talking to media, his mother said, “Initial reports suggested that Yuvraj had, what in medical terms is called an abnormal tumour, over his left lung. The danger was that it could have become malignant.”

After ruling out of the West Indies tour in May-July, medication and therapy helped Yuvraj recover ahead of the England tour, only for a broken finger to restrict his participation there to a single Test.

Further, Shabnam Singh said, “He is now in a much better state and on his way to a full recovery.”

According to her, “He doesn’t want to rush things. He wants to be 100% fit before resuming his cricket for India and has started working hard on both his fitness and his cricket.”

Yuvraj is now planning a comeback in the one-day tri-series in Australia starting February 5.

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