On Thursday, South Chennai housing colony was going to be dark in early morning while Police encountered five bank robbers who had struck twice within a month.

As per source said, four robbers as Vinod Kumar, Chandrika Ray, Harish Kumar, Vinay Prasad were identified from Bihar and another one Abhay Kumar was from West Bengal

A Tamil Nadu-based private university was the main point from where this gang had dropout that led by Vinod. The Perungudi branch of had targeted by this gang who looted over all Rs lakh from on January 23. On February 20, the gang had looted Rs 14 lakh from.

According to Police, the accused had looted Rs 33 lakh from two banks- the Bank of Baroda and the Indian Overseas Bank, in the city’s suburbs at gunpoint within a month. And all were stayed in a house in Velachery of south Chennai colony.

However after a long fighting between Police and robbers, all were shot dead. A pre warned act had followed by asking locals to switch off lights and stay indoors to avoid any local causality.

Stepping to go on site for encounter by Police came after a person informally gave secret information about a suspect who had spotted from a closed-circuit television grab released on Wednesday, around 1 am.

Informing overall encountered site scene, Chennai (city) police commissioner JK Tripathy said, “Our team had gone to the house to verify the information. But when the people inside started shooting at our team, and continued to do so even after warning that it might hurt innocent neighbours who had come out due to commotion, we had to retaliate.”

Claiming continuous firing from inside by encountered persons, he said that two police officials suffered gunshot injuries and were admitted to hospital. The bundles of currency notes, five pistols, two revolvers and ammunition have recovered from the house where suspects holed up in.

Although Police made a brief fight and shot dead all of suspects, but the timing of the encounter discrepancies raised by rights activists. They claimed Police have cracked the case as termed the encounter fake.